Main Product: Tannning bed & booth / LED therapy bed
One-stop production supplier With high quality standards and innovative designs, Seek Pretty has become a one-stop manufacturing supplier of tanning / LED Therapy equipment and accessories.
Professional uv lamps/ LED lights & accessories Our UV lamps/ LED lights and accessories are rated as one of the best in the world, gaining a lot of recognition for its benefits and results
Own research and development We have our own R&D Department that guarantees that all our products are current with the latest trends and developments
Your full-service partner in the beauty, wellness, fitness, and light therapy-related markets Seek pretty strives to fulfill our customers’ and partners’ high demands and provide them with the utmost quality devices.
warmth and vitality that sunlight offers
Quality light source and design to catch the charm of light Para leer más    >
Wholesale Customized Red Light Panel
According to the customer's needs or location to design the product appearance, function, light source or other design, but also can choose our existing products for customized processing. Mas >
Wholesale Customized Red Light Therapy Bed
PHOTOBIOMODULATION SYSTEM. Appearance, interior decoration, light source design, etc. can be customized, or OEM processing of stock products. Mas >
Service & Support
With over a decade of excellence in the skincare and wellness technology industry, we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled support for our comprehensive range of products. Our experienced customer service team is equipped to assist you with product inquiries, service requests, and support.
Accessible Customer Care
Accessible Customer Care
Our Online Customer Service is here to assist you with any queries during our scheduled hours. Contact us for prompt support.
Answers at Your Fingertips
Answers at Your Fingertips
Explore our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed insights on services, products, and processes, all curated for your convenience.
Dedicated Post-Purchase Support
Dedicated Post-Purchase Support
Rely on our After-Sales Support for any concerns following your purchase.
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Terapia de luz roja durante el embarazo: una guía completa November-22-2023 Explore los beneficios y la seguridad de la terapia con luz roja durante el embarazo. Conozca su eficacia para aliviar el dolor, cuidar la piel y mejorar el estado de ánimo, con consejos de seguridad esenciales y preguntas frecuentes. Para leer más    >